About us

India Ventures Group is in the business of providing partner search, management, financial, operational consulting, capital raising and advisory services, corporate finance, cross border work, real estate, India related activities and strategic business advice for corporates and private equity/venture capital firms from overseas. On the private equity/venture capital front, we source proprietary deals and meritorious opportunities with a generalist orientation for fund managers, institutional investors and ultra high net worth individuals. On the advisory front, we advise companies at every stage of their growth. Our primary role is to either partner up or find the right domestic partner for the foreign firm to make their entry into the complex Indian market a very smooth journey. In addition we specialize in joint venture/strategic partnership opportunities, and private placement transactions for international corporations looking to enter India, including transaction specific advisory, capital sourcing, cross border M&A and India entry/exit strategy. India Ventures Group also sources proprietary deals across different segments of real estate for real estate private equity firms, fund managers and developers. India Ventures Group also maintains frequent dialogue with real estate development companies to source and execute international real estate development opportunities.

In a world where information is readily available, we offer the insight developed through years of experience! India Ventures Group’s edge is its ability to leverage the local insight of its investment professionals to the advantage of client’s global schemes. Deeper level of expertise results in a wide range of potential investment opportunities creating value for companies. India Ventures Group’s carefully developed detailed investment philosophy and process combined with experience of successful deals has generated extraordinary returns for its investors.


India Ventures Group is constantly seeking talented and highly motivated team members to join our firm. We are an equal opportunity provider.
You may send your resume with a cover letter to India Ventures Group - Human Resources.


India Ventures Group has a successful track record of providing a broad range of financial advisory services to clients across a wide spectrum of industries. These services comprise objective advice on mergers and acquisitions, financing options and evaluating strategic alternatives.
Our goal is to be acknowledged as a trusted and preferred provider of corporate finance services in the global and Indian market.
We aim to maximize the returns for our clients. To achieve this, we have incorporated the following processes in our services:

  • Exploring, Evaluating And Recommending Financial Strategic Alternatives and Exploring Value Maximizing Strategies
  • Developing Company Positioning
  • Assessing Potential Acquirers and Targets and Providing Valuation Analyses
  • Developing Buyer Lists and Managing Communications With Potential Buyers
  • Managing Due Diligence, Site Visits and All Buyer Investigations
  • Providing Special Committee Advisory
  • Evaluating Bids And Negotiating and Executing Final Transactions and Documentation