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India Ventures Group is in the business of providing partner search, management, financial, operational consulting, capital raising and advisory services, corporate finance, cross border work, real estate, India related activities and strategic business advice for corporates and private equity/venture capital firms from overseas. On the private equity/venture capital front, we source proprietary deals and meritorious opportunities with a generalist orientation for fund managers, institutional investors and ultra high net worth individuals. On the advisory front, we advise companies at every stage of their growth. Our primary role is to either partner up or find the right domestic partner for the foreign firm to make their entry into the complex Indian market a very smooth journey. In addition we specialize in joint venture / strategic partnership opportunities, and private placement transactions for international corporations looking to enter India, including transaction specific advisory, capital sourcing, cross border M&A and India entry/exit strategy.

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Financial Advisory

Unlock financial success with expert guidance in planning, investments, and strategic decision-making, tailored to your business goals.

Corporate Finance

Expert financial advice, aligning finance with market and government factors, offering services like restructuring, strategic transactions and project finance.

Capital Raising

Expertise in raising capital, focusing on optimizing financing structures, and successful transaction closure. Services include private equity, venture capital, private placement.

Partner Search

We provide assistance in your negotiations with investors, in order to help you achieve the right deal, based on our knowledge and experience of the market.

Real Estate

We help our clients think through the range of issues associated with their needs and build detailed real estate strategies to complement their short and long-term goals and objectives.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their corresponding answers for India Ventures Group:

India Ventures Group offers a wide range of services including partner search, management consulting, financial and operational consulting, capital raising, advisory services, corporate finance, cross-border work, real estate services, and strategic business advice for both corporates and private equity/venture capital firms from overseas.

Specializes in joint ventures, partnerships, and M&A.

India Ventures Group has a generalist orientation, working across various industries to cater to the diverse needs of its clients.

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